Why you should work with us

We are a Brisbane based commercial building operational maintenance and property fit out company. We specialise in servicing major CBD properties, industrial complexes and high-density accommodation properties to ensure their operational performance is fully optimised and maintained.

We aren’t typical tradies.

We understand it can be difficult to find reliable tradespeople. At Diverse Worx, our work and customer service speaks for itself. For us it is about delivering quality service from quality people, safely.

Put simply, our only interest is in giving you best outcome, and many of Australia’s leading property development and management companies trust us to do just that – take care of their properties, whilst they get on with their business.

Who we work with

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One phone call.

Let’s face it, time is money. Our customers rely on our quick service because it minimises their overall operational down time. One call is all it takes.

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We know commercial buildings.

We use our vast commercial environment experience to your benefit. Our consultative approach helps to offer the best advice for your unique needs, including partnering with industry specialists such as Engineers, Consultants and Facilities Managers.

Customers find this service particularly useful for projects and fit outs.

The trusted name for diverse building maintenance

From routine maintenance, fit out and renovation projects, urgent reactive maintenance or a specialist facility need, our ranges of services means we have it covered with just one call. It’s that simple. Trust that your project is in safe hands whilst you get on with your core business.

WHSEQ Policies

Quality Policy

Diverse Worx strives for exceptional quality throughout the process of delivering specialised building maintenance and fitout services. Utilising specialised expertise, we guarantee seamless delivery, minimal downtime and optimum functionality.

We are committed to the continual improvement of services that we provide to meet our clients’ needs, and we recognise that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Our objective is to maintain the highest attainable level of quality and reliability and we have adopted the ISO 9001 quality standard as the basis of our quality system. Objectives and targets are clearly defined within the Integrated Management System and are subject to continual review and improvement.

The training and engagement of our management and workers is fundamental to the success of our quality program. In addition, we will continue to liaise closely with our contractors to ensure that they provide similar attention to quality principles.

It is our intention to maintain and build on our reputation for quality by continually achieving a standard of service that complies with specifications, standards, statutory regulations and contractual obligations and by encouraging full worker involvement and commitment in the development and implementation of an exceptional quality system. We reinforce this through an underlying commitment to minimal response times when meeting the needs of our clients.

Work Health and Safety Policy

Diverse Worx specialises in building maintenance and fit out services utilising specialised expertise, we guarantee seamless delivery, minimal downtime and optimum functionality.

We aim to lead the way in work health and safety (WHS) within our industry. Members of our Organisation apply health and safety standards that have been established to protect our clients, our contractors, our workers and members of the public. The philosophy of our Organisation is to ensure that our work is undertaken safely, with a high level of integrity and quality.

This is achieved by maintaining an Integrated Management System (IMS) which incorporates and enables compliance to the requirements of Australian and International work health and safety standards and covers the activities of our operation.

The IMS has the objective of eliminating work-related injury and illness by:

 Providing adequate resources to ensure that proper provision can be made for health and safety;
 Conforming to legislative requirements, being the Act, Regulations or Codes of Practice;
 Managing risks associated with our business activities;
 Providing and maintaining a work environment without risks to health and safety;
 Enabling consultation and participation with workers around work health and safety matters;
 Providing and maintaining safe plant and structures;
 Providing and maintaining safe systems of work;
 Ensuring the safe use handling and storage of plant structures and chemicals;
 Providing adequate facilities for the welfare at work of workers in carrying out work for Diverse Worx, including ensuring
access to those facilities;
 Providing any information training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect persons from risk to their
health and safety arising from work carried out on behalf of Diverse Worx;
 Monitoring the health of workers and the conditions at the workplace for the purpose of preventing illness or injury of
workers arising from work performed by Diverse Worx; and
 Establishing measurable objectives and targets to chart our progress.

We request the personal cooperation and commitment of people working within our Organisation, whether they are workers, contractors or clients, to help us achieve our “Zero Harm” objective.

Please abide by our safety rules and report unsafe conditions. Also, be involved and committed to a continuing program that will ensure a safe, healthy and hygienic environment for everyone. Your contribution is valued.

Environmental Policy

Diverse Worx specialises in building maintenance and fitout services utilising specialised expertise, we guarantee seamless delivery, minimal downtime and optimum functionality. Our company regards environmental management as a fundamental aspect of a sound business foundation. The management of Diverse Worx are committed to focusing on environmental protection and how our products or services may affect the environment. We have established objectives and targets to protect our natural capital and prevent potential impacts or pollution our products or services may have on the environment.

It is our policy to:

 Ensure that our people have the knowledge and other resources needed to meet our obligations and fulfil our commitment to environmental care;

 Consider the environmental impacts of products and services utilised;

 Ensure that our company uses operating procedures necessary to identify, monitor and control the impact of our operations, the effective use of energy and the use of natural resources. We are committed to identifying ways of reducing the direct environmental impact of our operations and waste to prevent pollution;

 Ensure our operations, products and services comply with relevant legal and other requirements, in addition to meeting the requirements set down in ISO 14001, industry best practice codes and other standards relevant to our business;

 Ensure the suppliers, stockists and contractors we deal with are informed of our Environmental Policy and are managed to ensure their compliance with this policy;

 Communicate openly and constructively with relevant authorities and the general community to meet the needs and demands of growth that may result from our business products or services; and

 Establish measurable objectives and targets to chart our progress. We will monitor and evaluate our company’s performance in relation to the objectives and targets we have set to identify areas for the improvement.

We will implement any changes identified to continually improve our performance, the conservation of our resources and the prevention of pollution. We thank our workers, our suppliers and our contractors for their cooperation in this endeavour.