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Maintenance Vs. Repairs

Routine and scheduled maintenance is an investment for your assets. Our quietest clients have regular maintenance and reporting by an experienced tradesman as they take advantage of being prepared for issues that may arise. Other benefits of scheduled maintenance include setting costs, minimising downtime, and getting longevity with your equipment. Approaching maintenance in a proactive manner can significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with urgent reactive works.  Regular maintenance has some major benefits to the efficiency and safety of your building and its fixtures:

  • Anticipate and prevent hazards for staff, tenants and the public
  • Maximise usage and ensure long life of your assets
  • Decrease cost of replacement parts
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs by reducing emergency or after hours repairs

We customise scheduled maintenance services to match your needs.  Perhaps you have an item that requires regular cleaning, testing or alignment such as pumps, roller doors, air conditioners. We also do checks and servicing on stormwater pits, pumps, backflow devices, residual current devices (RCD’s), electrical items (Test and Tag), smoke alarms and fire extinguishers – we can advise the best possible intervals for maintenance and fix the price so you can accurately budget your future maintenance expenses.

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