Thank you,

and well done Bronwen and Nicola!

Bronwen has been with Diverse Worx since its inception in 2006 having worked as a colleague with Terry James (Director/Project Manager) in former roles. Affectionately known as ‘Bron’ we have come to know her as the Diverse Worx oracle. She knows the history of Diverse Worx and virtually every role in Diverse Worx – especially having worked every administrative role within Diverse Worx. Bron has (and still is in some cases) been our Bookkeeper, Service Coordinator, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Human Resources, Payroll and Receptionist. As Diverse Worx flourished over the years, so did the workload. Giving opportunity for new employees to begin, stepping into a well pioneered role.

Nicola is a dream office manager to anyone who has the delight of working with her. She is an ardent supporter of all who come under or near her charge. Nicola goes above and beyond, even sacrificing her personal time, providing support to Diverse Worx and its workers. Unofficially Nicola is the mother hen of Diverse Worx, remembering birthdays, anniversaries and whether our employees are up to date with their site inductions. Nicola has a true 360° approach to management and has a natural intuition of when to delegate and when to assist her team. Like Bron, Nicola has worked all the administrative roles within Diverse Worx and has a thorough understanding of what her team are working on and the progress they are making.

Together, Bronwen and Nicola are a force like no other. Between them, they ensure Diverse Worx meets all its legislative requirements. This week, Diverse Worx had their annual surveillance audit for the International Organisation for Standardisation (#iso9001). To retain their certifications, Diverse Worx must participate in annual surveillance audits. An external auditor attended both office and on-site locations to review work processes and ensure they are being implemented correctly. Months of information gathering and preparation is required prior to the auditors attendance, with the requests gaining in momentum as the audit draws near. Over 3 days the auditor is given 100% assistance to enable them to get their audit, review and report completed. Because our team takes the process seriously, it can be nerve-wracking at times for the individuals who are having their workplaces and working methods scrutinised.
On behalf of everyone at Diverse Worx, we would like to thank Bronwen and Nicola for their unwavering support, knowledge and dedication in driving Diverse Worx forward. Diverse Worx recognise them for the tremendous effort in keeping their usual work demands in control despite the extra workload.
#thankyou again ladies! You are #appreciated more than you will ever know.

What are your storm preparation tips?

Storm season might have started a little earlier this year but it is not too late to check your building and property of any potential risks and hazards. Most common repairs after storms are flash flooding and damage from unsecured items – even in the CBD. The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a longer and more intense storm season for 2020/2021 due to the arrival of La Nina1.

The effects of flash flooding can be greatly reduced by reporting any noticeable build up or blockages around council drains. Get your onsite handyman to check and clear out any on site drains and where possible, clean out and check the gutters. Secure all loose furniture or have a pack up plan in place for when a storm is approaching.

Brisbane City Council offers free early warning alerts for severe weather which can be received via email, SMS, recorded message or push notifications (on the free Weatherzone app). Click here for the Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service.

After severe weather, walk around and check for any property damage and check the integrity of outdoor items are still intact.

Prevention is key to getting through the storm season without it blowing out your budget. Head to our LinkedIn and share your preparation tips and resources.


Diverse Worx is rising to the challenge of Covid-19

In these unprecedented times, Diverse Worx is once again demonstrating its ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances within our community. Diverse Worx continues to provide it’s quality maintenance services whilst caring for the wellbeing of our clients, employees and the wider community.

Since February 2020, we have closely monitored and followed official medical advice, educated, trained and equipped our team in COVID-19 risk management and supported our clients in various ways, including setting up their work spaces to implement their Covid Safe Plans

We’d like to thank our loyal clients for their support and look forward to continuing to work alongside you during the challenging days and weeks ahead. If we can help in any way, please get in touch!  

Diverse Worx celebrates 10 years


2006 was the year the Bronco’s won their 6th NRL premiership, we watched the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and Justin Timberlake brought ‘Sexyback’. It was also the year that Diverse Worx launched in Brisbane. Many things have changed over those years but the team at Diverse Worx continues to deliver the same quality service it strived for back in 2006. From a team of 5 to 18 and a fleet of 12 vehicles, Diverse Worx has continued to thrive through the good times and the bad. We’ve been there for our valued clients through several natural disasters including the 2011 floods and devastating CBD hail storm in 2014 and will continue to help through whatever the future holds. Congratulations Diverse Worx, and here’s to the next 10 years!