A unique solution for Queensland’s largest electricity producer

When one of Diverse Worx’s highly valued clients, Stanwell Corporation wanted to install valuable audio-visual equipment in one of its CBD offices it knew the project would require the expertise of a trusted commercial building maintenance company.

Being a long term client, Stanwell Corporation quickly engaged Diverse Worx to consult, project manage and install a suitable load rated wall to adequately accommodate the audio-visual equipment according to strict engineering specifications.

Using its industry contacts, Diverse Worx partnered with an engineering associate to concept design the wall; guaranteeing the load bearing capacity. An X-ray survey of the floor slab was undertaken to avoid damage to the buildings structural post-tensioning tendons by planning the safest location for the new wall.

Once the thorough planning and preparation was complete, Diverse Worx installed the new load bearing wall that not only safely supported the weight of the equipment, but was professionally finished in keeping with the existing corporate office environment.