Iconic Brisbane River precinct gets new lease of life after storms

The iconic domes at Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane’s CBD suffered the full brunt of the major hail and storm that hit the city in November 2014. Large hail stones smashed through the Pier’s 25-year-old awnings and domes, causing not only significant damage but a health and safety risk.

Diverse Worx was asked to undertake emergency works to patch  and stop further water leakages below the damage, but it was replacing the damaged awnings and producing entirely new domes ‘like for like’ that saw Diverse Worx step up to be the only company able to devise a solution.

After sourcing a company to manufacture and deliver the domes ready for installation, Diverse Worx then engaged a local company to fabricate new acrylic sheets that were then cut and installed on site.

The most challenging element was installation. The precinct is a 24 hour a day operation, hence, closing it was not an option; particularly in December. A team of Diverse Worx specialist builders installed the new awnings and the domes during normal work hours, with zero incidents or complaints, using an innovative cantilevered scaffold system, erected and disassembled daily.

A happy client saw the iconic Eagle Street Pier domes and awnings restored to their former glory on the Brisbane River skyline.